About Us


Tynimo focuses on blending the immeasurable shopping experience with unrivalled quality. Our merchandise is innovative & made for fashionable souls. our aim is to create a fan army who would cherish us for what we do and eventually become our brand representatives. We are Integrating Indian products in our offerings, to spread awareness about diverse innovations that take place here at home. We prefer to promote more eco-friendly & organic products for the sake of a greener Earth. As a brand we devote ourselves to constructing a culture of quality, to demonstrate innovations through our intelligent products & creativity for a great shopping experience.


I always had a dream to start my own brand in the retail industry and today I can proudly say that I have taken my first step and gave birth to tynimo. We have something to offer to people from different walks of life. Our vision is to make Tynimo the world’s most favourite consumer retail brand. We aspire at innovating our products in an unconventional way. Our main objective is to make our customers happy and build trust in them. We want our business partners to make most of the opportunity provided and grow along with us.


Offer wide range of well-designed daily lifestyle products at prices so reasonable that as many people as possible.

Provide ample opportunities for all stakeholders to ensure fast and progressive development.

Promote Indian made products on world-platform.


To become the world’s most favourite consumer retail brand their lifestyle with our huge and constantly innovating range of products at reasonable prices.


We are focused on creating a wonderful shopping experience for our customers with new surprises in terms of well-designed and innovative products everytime they visit our showroom.

A brand identity shall be created in terms of store and product design which will inflict remembrance factor in our consumers.

We will adopt eco-friendly processes in our operations wherever possible.

We are focused on integrating Indian made products in our offerings to promote Indian Capabilities on World platform.

We want to build our own community by becoming fully customer-centric where our community will further act as our brand ambassadors and increase the community base.