Store on Wheels

Store on Wheels

Store on Wheels is an unique concept launched by tynimo to reach out our customers directly during the third wave of the pandemic when the customers were finding it difficult to visit the stores.


An extension of the company’s customer service commitment.


The mobile store which is aptly called “Tyni Space Mo Love" operates out of a vibrantly designed truck retailing array of products and traveling across the city. Store on Wheels has been extremely well received by the loyal customer base with an overwhelming response and has already visited over a dozen large housing complexes in Bengaluru. Tynimo Store on Wheels offers 10+ categories of products, price ranging between Rs.60 - Rs.5000. The store has covered over 12 apartments, spread across 7 locations within Bangalore, reaching about more 5000+ customers at their doorsteps.


Director’s Message

"With Tynimo Store on Wheels, we are bringing exclusive and quality retail experience to our customers. Our aim is to increase our availability and accessibility making it easier for our customers to enjoy shopping at the comfort of their doorstep. Following all the necessary hygiene and safety protocols, while regulating crowds and maintaining social distances, Tynimo Store on Wheels is fully safe for consumers to visit. We have piloted in Bengaluru so far and will take Tynimo Store on Wheels to other cities too. With this new initiative, we are determined to reach and address the needs of customers anywhere anytime."

                                                                                                   ~ Vaibhav S. Jain


Tynimo focuses on blending the immeasurable shopping experience with unrivalled quality. The merchandise is innovative & made for fashionable souls. The aim is to create a fan army who would cherish the brand for what they do and eventually become the brand representatives. We have been integrating Indian products in our offerings to spread awareness about diverse innovations that take place locally in India. Apart from lifestyle products, Tynimo has a curated range of Indian Handicrafts directly sourced from Indian Artisans. With Store on Wheels, we aim to bring exclusive and quality shopping experience to our customers from the comfort of their homes.


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